What is Shiny?

Shiny brings R to the web with the perfect combination of flexibility and simplicity. Web apps that traditionally would have taken months to build can be completed in days. Typical app features include:

  • Filters to drilldown on subsets of data
  • Plots, tables, and other output to summarize data
  • Customized report generation (HTML or PDF)
  • Data entry and management
  • Predictive modeling, machine learning, and beyond

Example Shiny Apps

Maestro Z

This app was built for Axion Biosystems new Maestro Z device for analyzing cell biology. The app has a mobile first design. Data is collected via an https API that uploads data from Maestro Z devices distributed across the globe.

T3 (Tychobra Time Tracker)

A demo of our internal app for tracking our consulting time by client and project

Machine Learning

Predict payment on insurance claims using machine learning and run simulations to capture the variability inherent in real world claims

Basic Claims Analytics

View insurance claims at different points in time. Filter claims by state and claim status. Analyze frequency, severity, and changes in claim values over time. Download the claims for further analysis on your computer.

Predictive Modeling

Model that predicts insurance claim status and payments. It includes predicted values and the actual values for comparison. It can be adapted to any line of business and expanded to predict ultimate payments.

Frequency Severity Sim

Frequency / severity claims simulations using various probability distributions. The simulations can be used to provide confidence levels for ultimate loss amounts and value excess policies at different retention limits.

Medicare Map

Interactive map for exploring average Medicare claim costs accross the United States

Interest Rate Walk

Run a Cox-Ingersoll-Ross random walk or a bootstrap resampling of treasury yield changes

Bootstrap Simulation

Simulations bootstrapped from historical claim values after applying trend and development. Results can be used to develop loss picks and compare excess policies. Download a report when you are finished.