Shiny Apps

Shiny brings R to the web with the perfect combination of flexibility and simplicity. Web apps that traditionally would have taken months to build can be completed in days. Typical app features include:

  • Filters to drilldown on subsets of data
  • Plots, tables, and other output to summarize data
  • Customized report generation (HTML or PDF)
  • Data entry and management
  • Predictive modeling, machine learning, and beyond
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Services Include

R and Shiny development: we will build it for you or with you

Expert R and Shiny training: both online and in person

Code review and advice on R and Shiny projects

Client Spotlight

Dean Attali

Founder and CEO of Attalitech and author of many R packages including shinyjs

IFC Division

A global partnership aiming to end extreme poverty and promote sustainable shared prosperity

Actuarial Consulting Practice

Global management consulting experts. We work with Oliver Wyman's actuarial division.