Polished Hosting - A New Way to Deploy Shiny Apps

Andy Merlino



I am very pleased to officially announce Polished Hosting. Polished Hosting is our brand new hosting platform for Shiny apps. Polished Hosting is designed, from the ground up, to be secure and easy to use; your apps are always secured using TLS, and apps are deployed with a single function call.

Easily and cheaply set up your custom domain. e.g. if your company’s domain name is example.com, you can deploy an app to shiny.example.com or app.example.com with a few button clicks and copy/pastes.

Polished Hosting can deploy to 26 regions across the globe. Choose the region closest to your users to reduce latency.

Check out the docs here or the intro/getting started video below to get up and running:

Please reach out if you have questions or feedback!

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