New Polished Feature - Email Templates

Andy Merlino



Polished is an R package that adds authentication and user administration to your Shiny apps. We are constantly working to make polished easier to set up and more useful (once set up).

Most recently, we reworked the user invite flow to send email invites when inviting new users to your Shiny app. As a user of polished, you can send an email invite when you invite a user to your app. Your user can then click the email invite to be redirected to set their password. Your user’s email will be automatically verified, and they will be redirected to your app. This is as simple as it gets for onboarding new users.

We also added customizable invite email templates. You can customize the emails your users receive when they are invited to new apps, verify their email address, and when they reset their password.

If you want to check out these features and others today, sign up for an account at We are planning a new CRAN release for polished next soon, but for now, make sure to install the dev version of polished from GitHub using:


Please reach out if you have questions or feedback!

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